Do I really need a Real Estate Agent?

Do I really need a Real Estate Agent? by

Best-Real-Estate-Agent-In-KentuckyDo I really need a Real Estate Agent?  Yes, You Really Need a Professional Real Estate Agent. :-)

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The purchase or sale of a home is usually the largest financial transaction people make, running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and up.  Some lay people try to go it alone.  Admittedly, a few have succeeded over the years, but having your interests protected through professional representation may be more important in the current market than ever before.  Do I really need the Best Real Estate Agent in Kentucky?  Yes, here’s why —

Let’s start with buyers, not only first-timers, but repeat buyers who once worked in a different market than today’s.  With the inventory of listed properties available through websites such as Zillow and Trulia, buyers need help filtering truth from fiction with property information.

Does that “Zestimate” mean anything?
Is the other property data reliable?

Not as much as you’d think.  And that’s before getting into the nitty-gritty of writing an offer and negotiating the terms of the contract.  Realtors tend to work with a team of other professionals—lenders, home inspectors, title and escrow officers.  Competent Real Estate Agents can get you pre-approved and not just pre-qualified, or find out if that furnace in the home you like has a cracked heat exchanger, or discover if an old easement is a deal killer.

Realtors can also help protect your earnest money in the event of a dispute and negotiate the difficulties in closing and occupancy dates. And in the event of multiple offers, who better to represent a buyer than a professional who’s done this dozens or hundreds of times?

Sellers face three difficulties, the first being pricing.  Sellers usually tend to underprice their homes, although some are bound and determined to ask too much when they rely on incorrect information.  Realtors have access to specific data from several sources, such as the multiple listing service (MLS), which contains rich data on homes sold and their location, style, and condition.  The MLS also aggregates information on time-on-market, sales-to-list-price ratios, and other statistics crucial for pricing.

Second is advertising and marketing. The primary goal in advertising is to be absolutely certain that every buyer looking in a seller’s area and price range knows that seller’s home is for sale.  Real Estate Agents have unique technological services available to them that syndicate listings to dozens of websites, and that’s in addition to the more traditional advertising media. Do I really need a Real Estate Agent – click here to find some of the best Realtors in Kentucky.

Third, sellers have usually been out of the market for several years, and they will be coming into contact with buyers who have looked at dozens of properties and have become pretty market-savvy. This situation puts sellers at a disadvantage, especially considering that most buyers are represented.

Do I really need a Real Estate Agent?  We have years of experience representing buyers and sellers, and if you could use some help navigating the complex market we’re experiencing today, give us a call.  In this day and time — and market, professional representation is a must.  859-379-5263 office.

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