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Rent vs Buy by brads

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Is It Better to Buy or Rent?

Rent vs Buy – It’s not just about the money – is it better to rent?

Buying a home:

Paint the inside any color you want

Make improvements that benefit you not the landlord

Control how long you want to live there

Get the pet you’ve wanted since you were six-years-old

Throw wild parties

Renting a home:

No matter what happens with the value of the home, you will never gain equity

Limited-or no-ability to personalize your living quarters

No tax advantage to renting

Your landlord gets any and all tax breaks that are available

Not-so-wild parties

Check this out – 

According to the Wall Street Journal  –  If you were to purchase a home for $250,000 with 5% down and home prices were to increase only 2% per year you would be money ahead after just the 2nd year by owning.

After six years you would have saved $43,398.   See for yourself. Get the rest of the story at:

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