Woodstock Bourbon appreciation society

Woodstock Bourbon appreciation society by brads

Woodstock-Bourbon-Appreciation-SocietyHowdy partners, welcome to the Woodstock Bourbon appreciation society

This is how we roll in Kentucky – In Woodstock Kentucky, we found the more we turn our American Oak barrels, the better the bourbon tastes. Welcome to the Woodstock Bourbon appreciation society. We thought we’d form an exclusive club on the Internet for those with fine taste who buy Woodstock cans at the bottle-o. Woodstock is the real gear from Kentucky, so this is where you’ll hear us talk about things like American Oak barrels, and the fascinating Woodstock distillation process. Not really, just let your beard down, have some fun, slap your pappy (don’t worry, that’s Southern for ‘pat your stomach with laughter’) and win some prizes, y’hear?  http://www.WoodstockBourbon.com/
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